Amadeus Website Review & Ratings + Amadeus Coupons
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Amadeus Website Review & Ratings + Amadeus Coupons

Amadeus: Products & Services is a site owned and operated by Amadeus IT Group SA. Amadeus IT Group is a transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. This site delivers key travel data that is found in the Amadeus suite of travel products with the aim to empower any traveler with the right information to make a decision on all parts of their trip planning. This site is available in 11 different languages and uses items created and owned by Amadeus. At the core of this you will find best fares, flight availability, flight timetables and flight status. This is accompanied by Hotel room availability for over 70 000 properties and a Car rental search. All their services and facilities can be booked online.

Amadeus: Company Background

Amadeus is a the worlds leading technology provider to the travel industry, providing marketing, distribution and IT services worldwide. The company was founded in 1987, and headquartered in Madrid. José Antonio Tazón is the chairman of amadeus.  They offers best fares, flight availability, flight timetables and flight status  accompanied by Hotel room availability and Car rental service. To allow a complete experience Amadeus Activities and Entertainment in their Trip Tools section allows to see and book an expansive and exciting range of location-based content with thousands of products in over 400 destinations.

Amadeus: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There is an abundance of customer comment on Amadeus’s various services.  Most of these ratings were above average with four- and five-starsSome customers, however, were less than pleased and rated the company quite low.  Many of the low ratings were comments on quality of service versus price.  Majority of reviews were found praising Amadeus services recommended others to avail them too. 

Amadeus: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and no rating has been found. But an immense number of customer rating is achieved by them, which stands for the credibility of  the company. Large amount of positive rating is achieved due to appropriate service quality of Amadeus.  No major media coverage was found, however, many online review sites wrote about Amadeus favorably.

Amadeus: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa does not show any submitted reviews for; however, its global rank is 13,885.  A further snapshot of’s popularity is a count of 2,775 sites linking in to it.  The site has 30.95% search traffic with a solid impact on search queries.  The Google PageRank is 6 out of 10 with over 250,000 estimated monthly visitors.

Amadeus: Social Media Presence

Amadeus maintains a blog for customers and it is updated regularly. Amadeus is found on Twitter, with 3,329 followers and on Facebook with 3,306 likes.Amadeus has “amadeusitgroup”, a channel on YouTube and a profile on Google Plus with 289+. They were also found on LinkedIn and on pinterest with 121 pins. But they do not maintain any blog for their customers. All their social networking links were found on their blog and company site. 

Amadeus: Website Security & Safety’s security is not mentioned on the site itself.  A test plan of journey does not confirm that uses a secure (https://) connection when taking journey information.  The site checks out favorably through Google’s diagnostic page; it is not listed as suspicious, nor has any malicious software been found in the last ninety days. has not been an intermediary for malicious software distribution and has not hosted any such software, either. 

Amadeus: Pricing & Packages

Amadeus provides a wide choice of services from best fares, flight availability, flight timetables, flight status, hotel room booking to car rental search. Pricing of all their services ranges from low to high and appears competitive. However, some customers have stated that the prices are somewhat lower than other sites. This was wholly supported in reviews of the other sites.

Amadeus: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping does not apply to this company.

Amadeus: Payment Methods Accepted accepts a wide range of methods of payment, from both international to local methods, including credit and debit cards, card present and alternative methods of payment. It also enables payment services through all types of point of sale: Call Centers, Face to Face, travel agencies, web, mobile, and kiosk. All this payment processes are safe and secure, that’s why 280 Airlines are using Amadeus Payment.

Amadeus: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company has a refund policy which permits returns for purchased tickets, booked hotels and rented cars. One can refund electronic tickets that have a status code O (open) or A (airport control). When someone enters the refund transaction code TWREF, the status of the flights is changed from O to R (refunded). Once this happens, the status cannot be changed back to open status. They always honor their  refund policy.

Amadeus: Product images & screenshots
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